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Your business shouldn’t feel like a ‘job’- overwhelming and
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The BIGGEST Mistakes Solopreneurs make when launching their business.

How to become CRYSTAL clear on how your business Runs, Operates and Generates Consistent REVENUE!

How to get started quickly and establish yourself as the expert who solves peoples problems that are willing to pay for the help.

Here's what women are saying...

Brittany Ann

"Brittany  Ann has such a passion for helping others grow their business. She does what she does because she is such a giving person! You will always learn from Brittany!

I love her programs and the value they bring. You will learn something powerful that will last a lifetime!”


Janis T

Fitness and Golf

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"Brittany Ann has a passion for women entrepreneurs! She continually goes the extra mile to promote, teach, lead, inspire, and connect women in business. "

Rena A

Virtual Assistant

Lisa Bartholomew 2.jpg

"I have worked with Brittany for a few years on different projects and she brings passion, commitment and expertise to the table. She truly cares about the professional women she is helping and it brings her joy when they succeed. If you are looking to "Step-Up" your game in business, Brittany Ann is your Gal."


Lisa Bartholomew

Owner Bartholomew Graphics

First Class CEO


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Learn how to Grow your business to Six Figures on your terms.

Breaking barriers, stepping out of my comfort zone,
and forging ahead have been the ongoing themes of
my life for as long as I can remember.

In my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, I have worked with
companies like Aflac, Coldwell Banker, and 100's of small
business owners.

However, nothing was more rewarding than creating,
launching, and running a national women’s publication
that featured women business owners across the
country … which resulted in the creation of a global women’s community.


It was through this process, that I discovered my passion for working with
women and helping them succeed beyond their perceived limitations. So, did I
ever envision myself as a 40-something mom and grandmother ("yep, gma!")
who has created a Simple Generating Revenue System to help solopreneurs
build a business bigger than they ever imagined?


But, here I am. It's my pleasure and I Love to inspire solopreneurs skyrocket
their confidence and generate high volume cash flow with solid generating
revenue systems, and MINDSET mastery tools that bring prosperity and greater

My Company; First Cass CEO TM, exists to help you generate consistent
revenue in your business, and Share your TALENTS with the world, WHILE
enjoying more confidence about yourself, getting paid what you're worth,
owning your value and BEING visible in the marketplace. Ready to make an
IMPACT with your inspirational and empowering message, and really showing
up to LIVE your purpose?
about Brittany Ann


Are you challenged by?....


Struggling to Attract your Ideal Client

Picking up the 100 lb Phone

Understand Social Media 

Getting Paid What You're Worth

Overcoming Objections

Getting out of your Comfort Zone,

Time Management & A Schedule that Works For You

Branding YOU Inc.

Building Valuable Power Partners

High Touch, Low Tech

​​​​​Congratulations you are not alone!

Get Connected!

Vikki Pic.png

Brittany Ann has definitely shown the power of women empowering women!!! I've never met anyone that has so much passion of what she does and extremely well at it. Thank you so much, Brittany Ann.. My dream has come true with your support 

- Victoria Kash

Creator of Victoria's Body Butta

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@Brittany Ann Mickens
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I'm looking forward to connecting with you and celebrating your BIG Wins!

“I love the way Brittany Ann brings everyday business challenges into clarity. It has truly helped me gain focus on my business goals. If you’re looking to take Your business to the next level you’re in the right place!”


Patty L.

Platinum Level, Network Marketing Co.

If you're tired of going in circles and want to make a real change in your business, NOW is your time. Take charge of your business today! Your invited....

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